Wired For Sound DJ Service : We put the customers personality into the event.

Personalized Service

Rick Byrd will be your personal DJ at your event and will be available for private consultations to make sure your event goes flawlessly. We also provide a second DJ to help coordinate the activities. Because we get to know you and your family and friends, we are able to add personal touches that make your day special. Since this is our full-time business, we concentrate on you and your event to make it perfect.


We are always aware that we are representing you while at your event. We will never say anything to embarrass you or your guests on the microphone. We don’t consume alcohol or act in an inappropriate way. A contract stating in writing exactly what you are paying for is given in advance.


With over 20 years in business, we are proud to say we have never missed an event. We provide backup for every piece of equipment we use and it’s with us at the event. Other DJ companies claim they have backup equipment but don’t carry it to every event. We arrive at your event at least 1 hour prior to guests’ arrival to make sure everything is perfect.

Talented DJs

Just like not all bands have equal talent, all DJs are not the same. It takes practice and experience to read a crowd. A DJ's ability to
play the right song, at the right time, with the right volume level and mixed together to get the best response from the dance floor
... is a talent. A DJ's ability to speak clearly and sincerely on the microphone is another talent. We are constantly practicing and rehearsing prior to your event to ensure a smooth delivery

Event Coordination

The way to keep your guests at your party is to keep them involved in the party. We work to keep the event flowing smoothly so your guests will want to stay while they are having fun. One way we achieve this by planning and coordinating with your other vendors so we all are working towards the same goal...to create the best wedding ever.

Customized Recordings

A moment you'll remember forever...you and your groom are introduced and as you arrive on the dance floor, the music for your first dance begins. Suddenly, you hear a familiar voice in the song. It's your new husband reciting a special love letter just for you. You and your guests know this is going to be a reception of your dreams. (Advance request required. Additional custom recording available)


Our ultimate goal is for you and your guests to have fun. After all the planning and rehearsing, we still remember the real goal is
to have a great party and a care-free day.

, Sacramento, CA | 916-344-3330

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